well, there hasnt been anything new on here for quite a while – but for good reason!

My family and I have just move to New Zealand!  Check out my other blog, Suki-Lou to find out more.

Shall be posting more fabulous things on here soon though, so keep in touch!





My Aunt got me hooked on Perudo (aka Liar’s Dice) on holiday and it is such an awesome game, I had to share it with you!

It is more than likely that Perudo originated from Inca, and therefore is hundreds of years old.

It is similar to poker, whereby players require skill, luck and a little bit of lying to succeed in winning.  A quick mind, an excellent bluffing ability and a spot of people reading skills are a huge help in this game!

Upon googling Perudo, I have since found out that Perudo is a favourite for the likes of Stephen Fry, the late Peter Cook and Konnie Huq (yes the former presenter from Blue Peter!) who used to be world champion!!

For those of you who like a good game with friends, here are the rules at Perudo.com

You can either buy this game at numerous good online shops, or buy yourself several sets of dice (in different colours!) and some plastic non-see through cups and you are ready to play!

Yummy Bread!


Bought myself a new toy the other day….the most boring sounding toy ever, but oh my golly gosh, it is awesome!

It is a Panasonic SD-256 Breadmaker!!

It is really really easy to use, just tip the ingredients in, press a few buttons, wait a couple of hours and bingo! A fresh loaf of bread!

It goes without saying that it is the yummiest bread ever, so much so, I have stopped buying that chemically loaded supermarket rubbish.

I think these pictures speak for themselves:

This model breadmaker can also prepare dough for rolls, croissants, baguettes and buns.  All you have to do is chuck the ingredients into the machine, let it do all the hard work i.e. mixing and kneading, then take the dough out, prepare it into the desired shape, stick in oven – job done.

I cant get enough of it!  I swear I ate a whole loaf of my bread in one day…no joke!  It also boasts a gluten free program and, get this, it can even cook banana cake!

I love the fact that I know what I am eating, and it is so much fun experimenting with different types of bread flour, seeds and grains!  If anyone has a good bread recipe, please let me know so I can try it out!

Amazing MashUps


Was introduced to Norwegian Recycling (Peter Bull) on Culture Brats, and really liked the mashup called Miracles…

Had a listen to all of Norwegian Recyling on YouTube, and I like In This Velvet best.

After checking out the Peter Bull Blog, I saw this post on Pogo, who truly is an amazing mashup artist….have a quick squiz at Bangarang:

Pogo takes tiny sounds and fits them together to make amazing songs…a truly talented guy.

Received these amazing pictures of Dalton Gehtti’s pencil sculptures from my MIL and had to share them with you:

How talented is this guy?

We had a fab day out at Hever Castle on Saturday with the grandfolk, we were so lucky with the sunny weather and it was a great day out.

Hever Castle was, as always, magnificient.  The gardens are kept to an amazing standard, and the castle is always a special place to visit.  I have visited Hever countless times, yet there is always something new to discover.  This time it was a hidden garden, which was breathtaking and we had a great lunch at the Positillion Restaurant, which has just been refurbished and is a huge improvement on what was there previously!

Whilst exploring the castle, I had a flash of inspiration for The Inspired Rooms’ Annual Fall Nesting Party from Henry VIII’s bedroom.  Check out the cosy fur throw on the bed, doesnt it make you just want to curl up on it and read a book or even sneak a cheeky little nap?

So I had a look around for a decent fake fur bed throw, and found this one at Faux Fur Throws priced at £149.99

which would look fab on my bed, nice and snuggly, all ready for winter!!!

Rock T-Shirt


OMG I have seen the Ultimate T-Shirt…

For  anyone looking for a present for either themselves or those who claim Rock God status, then get a load of this:

The Guitar T-Shirt

You better believe it, this little beaut is a real life playable guitar t-shirt with its own mini amp!  It is a one of a kind!  Get the lowdown here at ThinkGeek.com.

Oh and by the way, it gets better: Think Geek ship internationally!  Hooray!

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